Margaret Hystad

– the new owner and her thoughts

Utne Hotel’s new owner is looking forward to the anniversary year and season opening on 22 April 2022!

This will be a special spring for Margaret Hystad as hotel owner. When Margaret came for the viewing of Utne hotel for the first time, she experienced a unique feeling that it is good to be here. She felt an inner motivation to safeguard this very special cultural heritage. Perhaps it was Mor Utne who had a little influence?

Utne Hotel is a jewel box full of history and traditions. Margaret has plans to take care of this, and operate the hotel all year round in order to ensure expertise and contribute to year-round jobs that will bring more light into the windows of Utne village. She is concerned with local anchoring and value creation.

In the low season, we want to invite, among other things, groups and the corporate market, Christmas parties and large events. Preferably «Rent your own hotel». Margaret is looking forward to continuing a Norwegian cultural heritage that she is very proud to be a part of.

We welcome the world in and welcome people home.